When you’re out on bail, your freedom is precarious. You could lose it at any moment due to a dumb mistake or just because you didn’t realize you couldn’t do something. Even today, there remains some confusion surrounding bail bonds and how they operate. To ensure you or a loved one enjoys their freedom, here are things to avoid while on bond.

Bad Behavior

It’s easy to celebrate your recent freedom while on bond with a few drinks or a house party. But drinking may lead to bad behavior, which may, in turn, lead to your bond being revoked. Now, if your bond is revoked, you’ll spend the remaining time in a jail cell, awaiting trial.

Even if the judge decides not to revoke your bail, there may be other consequences. For instance, any ensuing bad behavior may influence the judge’s decision regarding current charges. You may be convicted of a crime because you made a bad impression. Plus, it all goes on your criminal record.


When on bond, there are particular activities you should actively avoid. For starters, do not go back and perform the same action for which you were arrested and have charges pending. If you were arrested for possession of a controlled substance, actively avoid drug use while on bail. For violent crimes, avoid association with felons, remain clear of weapons, and closely follow your bond conditions to the letter.

Leave the Area

Perhaps one of the most common restrictions while on a bond is the inability to leave the area. It’s not just in the movies that police tell felons not to skip town. It’s a real requirement. The judge may order you to remain within a designated area while the charges are pending. Do not cross the line or your bail may be revoked. You certainly cannot hop on a plane and leave the country.

Tips to Avoid Trouble

While we’ve gone over the three most common things to avoid while on bond, here are a few tips to get you through this tough period.

  • Avoid spending time with felons or bad influences.
  • Avoid any drug use or alcohol.
  • Find work or attend school during the waiting period. Both make you look good to the judge and jury.

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