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Danny Askins

Since 1959, Abraham’s Bail Bonds has offered the community competent, reliable bail bond services in Oklahoma City, OK. Today, we continue to be the top bail bond provider in the region. Our owner, Danny Askins, is a third generation bondsman. Through years of hard-work, dedication, and experience, we can provide a quick release from any jail in the region.

When you or a loved one are sitting behind bars, pick up the phone and give us a call. Our expert bonding agents can ensure a prompt release!

We also offer bi-lingual services for our Spanish speaking clients!

Professional and Reliable Bail Bonds Agency In Oklahoma City, OK

Don’t trust your freedom to just anyone!

We have the key to set you free, right here at Abraham’s Bail Bonds. We understand that dealing with an incarcerated loved one can be a traumatic, stressful, and frustrating experience. Let’s be honest with one another, being arrested by the police is a troubling and, often times, embarrassing situation.

Abraham’s Bail Bonds will work with you to set up payment plans tailored to your financial situation. You don’t have to face this situation alone! Our professional bail bondsmen can assist you. We are able to secure your bail quickly and discretely to ensure your prompt release from jail.

Abraham’s Bail Bonds has been assisting people to obtain city, county and juvenile bonds. Our services are available nationwide, after hours and on holidays, with immediate approval after qualification. We are always there when you need us! No bond is too large or too small!!!

Don’t waste another second worrying about where the money you need is going to come from, contact us today and speak with an experienced bondsman!

For help with bail bonds, jail, incarcerated, call Abraham’s bail bonds. For a bail bondsmen, city bonds, county bonds, juvenile bonds and nationwide service and help with bail, financial, secured bonds. We have been nationwide Since 1959.

Available After Hours and on Holidays

Mistakes can happen at any moment. Unfortunately, the consequences of some mistakes can land you or a loved one in jail. Even though local authorities offer the opportunity to post bail, many people in the community cannot afford the upfront cost of bail. It’s often thousands of dollars at a moment’s notice. What are you to do? You cannot allow you or your loved one to sit in a jail cell, because jail is uncomfortable and dangerous. Turn to Abraham’s Bail Bonds. We offer bail bond services in Oklahoma City, OK, and the surrounding areas.

We are available day or night to tackle your bail bond needs. No matter the charges, no matter the bail amount, we’ll send an experienced bail bondsman to your location. Once the paperwork is complete, we’ll post bail at a local holding facility.

We Offer Appearance Surety Bonds

When most people think of a bail bond, they imagine handing over a check to the county clerk, then walking free from the courthouse. It’s not always so simple, though. Television and movies have skewed our view of the judicial system and how the bail process works. At Abraham’s Bail Bonds, we push past the mystery of bail bonds and serve the community properly.

If you require a bond, give us a call. Our experienced, licensed bail bondsman are happy to work with you or your family to secure the freedom of the defendant. We have vast experience handling all types of bonds, no matter the charges or holding facility!

We Serve Oklahoma County, Cleveland County, and Canadian County

Abraham’s Bail Bonds has proudly served Oklahoma County, Cleveland County, and Canadian County since 1959. We entered the bail bond industry with the hope of helping the community. You see, too many citizens do not understand the judicial system. With legal jargon and police procedures in a constant state of flux, keeping up with the changes is best left to the experts. And at Abraham’s Bail Bonds, we’re certainly experts. We know everything there is to know about bail bond services in the surrounding counties. When you need your freedom fast, our bail bondsmen are available and waiting!

It just takes one phone call to reach an experienced bail bondsman in Oklahoma County, Cleveland County, or Canadian County. At Abraham’s Bail Bonds, we’re available day or night. No matter the charges, no matter the time, we assist the good people of these regions—people like you—with city, county, and juvenile bonds!

Why Choose Us

Why Abraham’s Bail Bonds? There are countless reasons why you should put your faith in our bail bondsmen, and the first and most important is that that we’re experienced. Number two is our commitment to the community. And lastly, number three, we’re available day or night to tackle your situation. We step in and post bail on your behalf, day or night, to ensure you have an opportunity to defend yourself. Preparing for your court case and setting up a defense is considerably more difficult when in a jail cell. You deserve a fighting chance from someone on the outside.

Abraham’s Bail Bonds has provided bail bond services since 1959. Back then, we helped defendants secure their freedom. Today, we perform the same job, but with new technology, more experience, and a better understanding of the legal system.

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