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Serving Moore, Norman, and the rest of Cleveland County, Abraham’s Bail Bonds of Norman is dedicated to ensuring that your friend or family member be released as soon as possible. At Abraham’s Bail Bonds of Norman, we offer comprehensive and compassionate services dedicated to educating you on your options and making sure that the process is completed in a timely and respectful fashion. We are experienced, professional, and fast: call us at anytime, day or night, to find out more.

Bail Bonds in Cleveland County, OK

Cleveland County is comprised primarily of the major cities of Norman and Moore — and Cleveland County Jail serves these two communities. Norman, home to a major Oklahoma University campus, is a nexus for entertainment and nightlife venues, making it an extremely popular location in which to hang out and have fun. However, Norman doesn’t have its own operational jail, so most of those arrested in Norman will be brought to the Cleveland County Jail. Much of Norman is centered around Campus Corner, a bustling nightlife area with fine dining options, clubs, bars, and lounges, and there is an Art Walk event on the second Friday of every month.

Moore is a primarily residential town that still has quite a few amenities, including restaurants and the popular Moore movie theater, which doubles as a restaurant and nightlife venue. Like Norman, the City of Moore doesn’t operate a jail, but instead sends those who are arrested in the city to Cleveland County Jail. Moore’s residents enjoy a fairly low crime rate and diverse neighborhoods, ranging from townhomes to suburban neighborhoods.

Fast Bail Bonds Services in Cleveland County, OK

Abraham’s Bail Bonds offers a wide variety of bail bond services to the Cleveland County community. We understand that you or a loved one may be arrested at any time of the day or night. The police don’t rest. Neither do we. Our bail bondsmen are standing by at all hours to help, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Even on holidays, we can process bail for you or a loved one.

Abraham’s Bail Bonds is the top bail bonds agency in Cleveland County, OK. We work quickly and efficiently, ensuring you or your loved one is home as soon as possible. Furthermore, we process bonds for a variety of offenses, including drug cases, domestic violence, DUI, and more. Pick up the phone and speak with an experienced bond agent today!

Our Services Include A Wide Range of Bonds in Cleveland County, OK

At Abraham’s Bail Bonds, we’re known for our bail bond services in Cleveland County, OK. When most people think of bonds, they imagine a simple process of posting bail with an envelope of cash or a check. Television has it all wrong, though. In reality, there are numerous types of bonds available for a variety of misdemeanor and criminal charges.

Our bond services ensure you or your loved one can enjoy their freedom before trial. No one wants to sit in a holding facility or jail cell. It’s both dangerous and downright uncomfortable. Instead, secure your freedom with a wide range of bonds in Cleveland County, OK. You can then focus on preparing for trial and fighting your case properly!

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