What Happens When You’re Arrested in Oklahoma CountyAnyone who has ever been arrested can attest that it’s a confusing and chaotic experience. If you’re in that situation, you’re likely wondering what comes next. Well, the arrest process is generally the same no matter the situation. We’ve laid out the basics and explain how the bail bond process works.

The Physical Arrest

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your arrest, the entire process can go smoothly and be done and over with fast. But if you make trouble for yourself, the process can draw out and be tough to deal with. It’s up to you.

Upon being arrested, the officer will put you in handcuffs and transport you to the police station. You’ll be informed about why you are being arrested and will be read your Miranda Rights. One such right is the right to an attorney, which we highly recommend you use.

The Booking Process

Overall, the booking process is simple and straightforward. It will occur at the station before you contact your attorney. The booking officer will take your photograph and fingerprints first, then ask you identifying questions. You’ll also hand over any possessions on your person. They’ll be stored at the precinct or holding facility until your release.

Bail Bonds

After you contact an attorney, it is highly recommended that you call a bail bond agency near you. You can also have a family member or friend make the call for you. Either way, you want to secure bail as quickly as possible. Jail can be a tough and dangerous place. The sooner you can post bail, the better off you’ll be. You’ll be granted your freedom with a quick jail release, then have time to prepare for your court case.

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